Sorrento Physiotherapy is committed to providing elite level care in Sporting injuries. Sorrento Physiotherapy assists athletes from local footy teams through to Commonwealth and Olympic athletes by providing expertise in preventing and managing Sporting injuries.

An acute sporting injury can be painful, debilitating and frustrating. Injury may result in missed training and game time. With timely and appropriate Physiotherapy management, earlier recovery can occur with reduced risk of recurrence. The initial management of your injury is crucial in improving your overall healing time and recovery outcome. During the first 24 to 48 hours following injury, the body initiates an inflammatory response, which is an integral part of the repair process. If this inflammatory process is not controlled following the initial acute phase, excessive swelling may cause pain, loss of movement range, damage to otherwise uninjured surrounding structures, and eventually the formation of excessive scar tissue. Initial First Aid principles of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation assist in controlling bleeding and allowing initial vascular (blood vessel) repair to take place.

Physiotherapy can also assist in managing your swelling with treatments such as ultrasound, electrotherapy, massage, bandaging, taping, and prescription of braces. Following the initial period, it is typically appropriate to commence a graduated program of loading the injured tissues with appropriate exercise to improve flexibility and strength of the tissue as they undergo repair process.

The Physiotherapists at Sorrento Physiotherapy are skilled and experienced in diagnosing the cause and biomechanical factors of sporting injuries. They will advise you on the most appropriate exercises for your particular injury, and can advise you on when to return to sport. Your Physiotherapist may also use manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release and joint mobilisation/manipulation to complement these rehabilitation exercises.

Graham Reid brings a wealth of Sports Physiotherapy experience to Sorrento Physiotherapy as a Sports Physiotherapist who has over 30 years of clinical experience including elite sporting team injury management. Graham has been an Australian team physiotherapist at multiple Olympic Games including Los Angeles (1984), Seoul (1988), Barcelona (1982) and Sydney (2000). Graham has Post-Graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy (Curtin University), and has presented at Sports medicine Australia conferences on accelerated hamstring rehabilitation protocol which he developed.

Graham’s involvement with Teams and Associations include:

• Senior Physiotherapist Hawthorn Football Club (1973 – 1981)
• Victorian Senior Men’s Hockey Team Physiotherapist (1977 – 2000)
• Australian Men’s Hockey Team (Kookaburras) Physiotherapist (1981 – 2000)
• Australian Women’s Hockey Team (Hockeyroos) Physiotherapist (1985 – 1987)
• Member Science and Medical Commission Australian Synchronised Swimming Association (1993 – 1996)
• Member Science and Medical Commission Australian Fencing Federation (1994 – 1996)
• Co-ordinator, Medical and Injury Management Services, Australian Hockey Association (1996 – 2000)
• Physiotherapist Australian Olympic Games Team
   -   1984 – Los Angeles
   -   1988 – Seoul
   -   1992 – Barcelona
   -   2000 – Sydney
• Physiotherapist Australian Commonwealth Games Team
   -   1998 – Kuala Lumpur
• Victorian Institute of Sport – Hockey division
• Australian Institute of Sport – Hockey division
• Consultant Physiotherapist to the United States Olympic Women’s Hockey program 2011 -2012