The Physiotherapists at Sorrento Physiotherapy have Post Graduate qualifications including workplace and ergonomic assessment.

Neck and arm pain, back pain, shoulder pain can be due to repetitive overload, or poor postural dynamics related to workstation setup or work practices. Ongoing loads can lead to muscular pains, or problems with nerves, ligaments and joints. Often work related, the incidence neck and upper extremity pain syndromes has risen dramatically with the use of computers and mobile devices, which need only a limited range of movement. Other groups of working people can be affected, including typists, shop staff and factory workers.

Workplace and / or workstation assessment in conjunction with clinical examination can enable an appropriate intervention or treatment program to facilitate resolution of symptoms. Sorrento Physiotherapy has a history of providing in-service manual handling training to industries including some major manufacturing companies throughout Victoria

Should you require manual handling training for your business or staff, please speak with our Receptionist.